Welcome to the Kronorium

A Zombies toolset and resource hub.

Whether you just want to play through some Easter Eggs, or translate the languages of the Keepers and Apothicons, we have you covered.

Since launch, an array of new tools have been developed and added to the site, but this is still only the beginning. If you have a request for any futher site additions, feel free to tweet me @MrRoflWaffles; I'm always up for hearing your ideas.

Apothicon Translation

Build any valid Apothicon word by using the fundamental radicals as your building blocks.

Apothicon »

Keeper Translation

Thanks to a single keypad, the entire Keeper dictionary is now at your fingertips.

Keeper »

Data Vault

Coming soon - an exhaustive resource containing all the elements of zombies that search engines have forgotten.

Coming soon!

Base Converter

A bonus tool in case you just want to convert between bases until the cows come home.

Base Converter »